In Massachusetts, our goal is to secure state funding for all robotics teams through dedicated advocacy efforts. By uniting teams under a common cause, we aim to raise awareness about the invaluable impact of robotics education. Our mission is clear: to ensure that every robotics team in the state receives the financial support necessary for growth and sustained success.

Step 1: Training

In advocacy, the first step is learning the ropes. You can't make a difference in the system if you don't know how it works. Training is the toolkit that gives advocates the skills and know-how to speak up effectively, connect with others, and actually bring about positive changes. It's the starting point that lets people not just understand advocacy but actively take part in it.


Presented by: Joseph Niski

Welcome to advocacy and why we are here

Advocacy 101

Presented by: Steve Hyer

Learn about what advocacy is, how to get started, and how to build relationships.

  • Download Presentation [PPT] [PDF]

Effective Meetings

Presented by: Steve Hyer

Learn how to prepare for your meeting, do's and don'ts of meetings, logistics, and following up afterwards.

  • Download Presentation [PPT] [PDF]

State Government 101

Presented by Gabe Adams-Keane

How does a bill become a law? What is the process to make this happen?

  • Download Presentation [PPT] [PDF]

Education Funding

Presented by Tracy O'Connell Novick

Learn how funding goes from the state to your local school district.

  • Download Presentation [PPT] [PDF]

Bills H.577 and S.360

Presented by: Olivia Oestreicher

Learn about the bills that we are advocating for and what you can do to help get them passed.

Step 2: Live Panel Discussion

On December 2nd, 2023 we held a live event where we invited former students from Michigan, Minisota, and Massachusetts to talk about their advocacy efforts. Through this dicussion you can learn key information about what to expect when you meet with your legislators and why it is important that we work together.

Step 3: Schedule Meetings

In Massachusetts we are focusing on the following:

Finding your legislators


The documents below will help you setup meetings and prepare you on what to talk about.

Sample Emails

Feel free to customize these Sample Emails to schedule your meetings with your legislators.

Talking Points

These talking points are useful to review to help give you some ideas of what you can talk about.

Step 4: Materials

You can print out these materials to hand out to your legislators.

FIRST Impact

The FIRST Impact printout shows the value of FIRST.


The FIRST Teams document shows how teams are found across the state.

FIRST Events

The FIRST Events printout can be used to invited your legislator to events.

The Southern New England Advocacy Conference was created in 2018 to get robotics teams in Southern New England to unleash the potential of advocacy in their state. In 2023 it was expanded to include all of New England and renamed States of New England Advocacy Conference.